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Experienced Marketing & Advertising Experts at the Ready

With a track record of proven clinic growth, the team at ChiroPraise knows the exact formula for creating very profitable clinics.  

From websites, lead funnels, social media, television & radio buying, email marketing, video, print, and graphics, we have everything you need in one place.

We know how many advertising companies meet with you taking up your valuable time, also having a vested interest in selling you THEIR product.  

At ChiroPraise we have no loyalty to any one advertising medium but instead we look at what would be best for you and your clinic.  

Our primary focus is creating a custom marketing and advertising plan that will hit your new patient goals. Once we start our dedicated experts are working around the clock so you never miss an opportunity to capture the next new patient prospect.

Our Services

ChiroPraise builds custom marketing & advertising strategies for Chiropractic clinics

Digital Advertising

From Facebook to Instagram we fully handle it from consistant organic posting to paid advertising campaigns

Custom Websites 

Ditch the cookie cutter websites and let ChiroPraise build you a custom website that represents your clinic the way it should be.

Traditional Mass Media

Radio, TV, Direct Mail, Newspaper, Billboard, and more. For clinics needing serious growth ChiroPraise is a full service media agency.

Email Marketing

You need FUNNELS! Email marketing is a simple way to create robust new patient attraction funnels for segmented audiences. 

Video and Photography

You need professional videos and photos of you and your clinic. ChiroPraise arranges all of it for you down to the scripts.

Web & Search Optimization 

Forget what you think you know about SEO, everything has CHANGED! ChiroPraise knows how to get you ranked the right way.

Graphic Design

You want everything looking cohesive to present a professional image. Our designers are some of the best in the country.

Budget Planning

Our comprehensive budget planning services help you allocate your funds more clearly and effectively. 


Don't worry others have had the same questions

How Many Average New Patients Does ChiroPraise Attract to a Typical Clinic?

ChiroPraise attracts anywhere from 20 - 200 new patient opportunities for each one of our clients per month. This is based purely off of how many you WANT to attract. We can scale to just about any level. 

Does ChiroPraise Lock Clients Into Long Term Contracts?

NO! Our longest contract is only 6 months verses our competitors 1 and 2 YEAR contracts. It doesn't take a contract to keep our clients, they stay because of success.

What are the Typical Costs to Partner with ChiroPraise?

Since we don't cookie cut every client is slightly different but our ranges are anywhere between $2,450 - $10,000 per month in marketing and advertising costs. We don't play small, we want to work with doctors who are serious about growth and IMPACT!

Is there a Guarentee with ChiroPraise?

Yes! We are one of the only marketing and advertising companies that offer one. We make sure our clients have the opportunity to get GREAT return on investment or they don't pay.

Do I Have to be a Certain Size to Partner with ChiroPraise?

Yes. We require any client wanting to partner with ChiroPraise to have at least 2 team members (not including the doctor) and have a yearly clinic revenue of at least $300,000.00

When Does a Typical Clinic Start Getting a Return on Investment?

Every clinic is different as are their goals. Some clinics want to focus on branding and awareness verses direct response but our typical client starts yielding new patients in less than 30-45 days.

What Our Clients Say


"ChiroPraise has doubled our new patients and has even increased our PVA. We are having record years"

-Dr. Kris McClusky, ChiropracticWorks

"This program is the program I used in my office to grow it from the ground floor up to arguably one of the largest practices on the planet."

-Dr. Eric Nepute, Nepute Wellness Centers

"You guys rock! I highly recommend you to all my doctor friends."

-Dr. Lorie Lofquist, Chiropractic Wellness Center



Our mission at ChiroPraise is to give your clinic the momentum and energy it needs to grow like never before using our proven formula of success. We are dedicated to being your one stop shop for all of your marketing and advertising needs. Our company lives and breathes to serve our clients and give them the absolute best.

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